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We are tens of millions in the United States, and hundreds of millions around the world.

We are represented by both the COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated.

We are represented by all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.

We are represented by people with a wide range of religious, spiritual, and secular beliefs.

We are represented by the entire political spectrum–right, left and center–Republican, Democrat, libertarian, socialist, etc.

We are represented by military, government workers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.

We are represented by doctors, nurses, other health care workers, and scientists from top institutions. There are Nobel Laureates among us.

We are represented by millions who have chosen to receive the vaccine but are opposed to forcing it on anyone.


5 min read

Hi. My name is Mark Abrams. I am just a fellow human being who cares deeply about the future of our world.

Personally, I am not anti-vaccination, nor am I attempting to convince anyone not to get the shot. However, I am strongly opposed to forced COVID vaccination–requiring people to get the jab (or else!)–unnecessarily taking away the most sacred of human freedoms, the right to bodily autonomy, and the right to informed consent.

COVID should be taken seriously, especially by those at a higher risk of severe disease. But the set of facts surrounding our current situation–now with the Omicron variant(s)–do not justify coercing (forcing) anyone to get a vaccine against their will to keep their job, get an education, travel, or participate in any other aspect of daily life.

There’s not enough space on a circle frame (or bumper sticker) to express a complex and nuanced position . . .

In this circle, we have clear boundaries to protect, but we remain open to listening to different perspectives about why we should consider modifying our position. Boundaries must maintain some flexibility to be altered based on new information or changing circumstances.

It may come as a surprise, but I suppose there could come a point in time when mandating an experimental vaccine (with no long-term safety data), for all of humanity, may actually be a reasonable thing to consider.

If we were dealing with a virus that had an infection-fatality rate orders of magnitude greater than COVID (think Smallpox, airborne Ebola, or some new flesh-eating disease), for which there were no effective early-treatment options, and if we had a safe vaccine (based on short-term data) that appreciably reduced the spread, then perhaps there could be justification to discuss forcing nearly everyone on Earth to get a medical procedure done without informed consent.

Those severe and extreme measures must only be considered under the direst of circumstances–an existential threat to humankind. I would only hope that if such a consequential decision ever had to be made, it would be deliberated on by the wisest of elected counsels, free from conflicts of interest, and well-insulated from external pressures.

A truly wise counsel would carefully consider the heterodox opinions of highly qualified and respected physicians and scientists. That would require an environment where transparency is valued, freedom of speech is protected, and open dialogue is encouraged. During the pandemic, transparency has been lacking, freedom of speech has been under assault, and open dialogue has been shunned. Experts with dissenting views have been ignored, suppressed, censored, mocked, and even threatened, by government, big tech, and traditional media outlets.

Mandating a COVID vaccine (forcing, coercing, or whatever you want to call it), medically discriminating, segregating, and creating a two-tiered society through vaccine passports, are severe and extreme measures that are disproportionate to the current threat. Countless experts have been saying just that. Some of them have been trying to scream from proverbial rooftops, but their voices have been silenced.

To put a stop to the dangerous, unnecessary, vaccine mandates and passports from overtaking us, it is going to require millions of people like you and me making sure our voices are heard.

Simply adding one of the available circle frames to your profile pic is a meaningful way to take a stand and speak out. The consequences of not speaking out now may be felt by all future generations.

I am just one voice in an ever-growing chorus . . .

You may help spread the message.

From the heart,